Composing since 2005, Katie has written over 800 songs, and recorded close to 100 since the age of 13. Now, Katie works part-time as a live and studio audio engineer and has worked alongside many great local Columbus musicians, including Lucas Harris (of Playing to Vapors), Jelly Bear, the Salty Caramels, Sarah Overdier, Andrew Kovaleski (aka the Bananaman), and many more.

Nowadays you can occasionally find her performing at local venues with 'Orcs of Love', or at home cranking out recordings.

"beautifully lo-fi: a snapshot of someone making music just for themselves, completely cocooned in their room. Musically and considering the minimal setup, her music is diverse-- the scope, intricacy of layers and high quality of the music often makes it hard to even comprehend the fact all of this was done in such a lo-fi manner"

Drunken Werewolf


Hard at work making weird and wonderful music.